The workshop is divided into two sections (theoretical & practical) And Training project.
Each trainee will learn all media production stages (pre-production, production and post production), starting from getting ideas to the final film copy:

-TV Commercials.
-Social media ads.
-Short movies for social media channels.
-Documentary movies.
-Corporate movies.
-Advertising programs for television and social media channels.
-Products presentation movies and how to use movies.
-Teasers videos.
-Testimonial videos.
-Media coverage for the corporates events.
– Internal communications videos.
-Internal training and warnings videos.
* In addition to all kinds of Commercials media productions.

Workshop syllabus:
Workshop syllabus is divided into three main stages, which are:
• Pre-production phase.
• Production phase.
• Post production phase.

You will receive The Marketers League Certificate at the end of the course.

Mr.Ahmed Fouad

Short biography of Ahmed Fouad, Film Director / Producer
Title : Film Director / Creative Director / Producer
Certificates :
– Faculty Of Applied Arts, ( Advertising Department ).
• High Cinema Institute, ( Film Directing Department ).
• Certificate of Script Writing from Film Clinic, Egypt .
• Certificate of Virtual Cloud Filmmaking from The Moxie Institute, USA .
• Certificate of Creative Production & Alternative Distribution by USA Embassy in Cairo.
• Certificate of Filmmaking from Talents Bierut, of Talents Berlin, Berlin international Film Festival.
• Member of Arab Film Institut.
• Member of Cinema Syndicate.
• Former Instractor of Applid Arts, Advertising and TV Commercials Directing.
* Jury Member of Professional Film Section, Tetawin International Film Festival, Tétouan, Morocco 2016.

He worked as an innovative director and directed many short movies, documentaries, promotional films, television commercials, television programs, etc. in addition to being the writer for many scripts and creating ideas of his different productions.

His works have participated in many local and international film festivals. Most of the films have won many local and international awards such as major awards, best film, best director, best actor, jury awards and jury mentions … etc.

His experience in the field of cinematography has enabled him to work as a director of photography for many of the projects that he has produced. In addition to his experience in the art of editing, he has been editing and coloring most of his artistic works, both fiction and documentary films, as well as the production and management of many of his works that achieved success and great impact with the audience.

The Egyptian Cinema Syndicate honored him during the Film Association’s Film festival in cairo.


This includes:

  • 6 Lectures / 24 Hour