Lamees Murad


Lamees Murad is a PhD communication and electronics engineer who had a huge passion for health and nutrition which lead her to further study nutrition.
She received a nutrition certificate from Kleve, Germany and became a nutrition expert.

James has performed hundreds of TV episodes on the major Egyptian, Emirati, and Saudi TV channels as well as Radio, concerning nutrition and wellness, besides presenting her own TV show.
Through her owned company, she managed to produce a series of medical and non-medical events and congresses concerning female health and women’s needs.
Being a Rotary and Lions member, Has also managed to produce various charity events alongside with health awareness campaigns and nutrition seminars.
She has also presented many international conferences in many countries.

Lamees Murad has been awarded many prizes and trophies in the nutrition field.
Lamess will be a moderator of the “Health care” panel at the YSR Forum 2019 at The Greek Campus AUC on 20, April 2019.

All session by Laurence Francis

Lamees Murad