“Where to be?”

Welcome back to the Marketers League Annual Conference, 4th Round.

The Egyptian market 2019, is having a lot of challenges to be faced.
We are living in changing environment and we must be ready for it.
To be always on Success Track.

To achieve the highest profit with a minimum cost and building a loyal relationship with customers.

Having a new competitive advantage, to keep your uniqueness.

That’s why in the Marketers League up coming Conference will gather the marketers, CEO’s and businessmen of the top leading companies from different industries as Telecommunications, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, FMCG, Automotive and others to estimate the Egyptian market from the various perspectives. Giving a glimpse for 2018 conference, the theme will be generally highlighting the massive change in the market “what we had?”
“What we are having? “
“What we will have?”
and how does the technology and culture tend to directly influence the consumer’s behavior, perception and expectations for the Egyptian market in 2019.

Speakers from different sectors will discuss their companies’ vision, case studies, CSR activities, IMC strategies and their digital marketing, their amended marketing strategies, challenges, obstacles and expectations for the upcoming years.