Brand Management 5 Sessions :

how important is a brand for an organization is determined by how well can a marketing manager associate specific marketing activities that your target consumers value with the brand. Designing and managing brand strategies and linking it to your marketing activities, is key for strategic alignment and brand building, while focusing on the relevance of these marketing activities and brand strategies to the needs and expectations of the market.

Dr. Rami Khodeir

The world is changing. So is the need for a professional program with a whole new approach to business at all its disciplines. In coordination with “Applied Innovation Management Consulting” (AIM – Consulting), and the “Marketer’s League” would like to present you with a whole new approach to studying, learning and applying the discipline of marketing. Both partners sensed the need of the market and the learners to go further with a dynamic field of marketing and take it to a higher sphere by offering the “Professional Marketing Practice Course” (PMPC).
With Dr. of marketing and brand management, professor at ESLSCA Business School, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

of Applied Innovation Management Consulting (AIM), Dr. Rami Khodeir as course instructor. You are guaranteed to have the best learning experience and first hand attention.

The program is designed to build on the foundation skills required for a professional marketer, furthermore, it stresses three main aspects that are considered crucial to any modern organization, such as brand creation, building, and communication, managing the marketing function as a whole in efficient practical methods, and the practice of marketn g as applied in an international environment.


This includes:

  • 5 Lectures / 24 Hour