Consumer Behavior:

In today’s changing business environment, consumers gained the skill and abilities to adapt and adjust their responses to every marketing activities to their own wellbeing through such an economically challenging transformation. Its foreseen by many business enterprises that their own target markets are gaining some kind of immunity to their traditional promotional tactics, and while their eyes has been always set on how to attract business, in such times managers and business professionals need to set their sight on truly serving their customers better.  Consumer Behavior investigates the manner that people interact with products and their marketing environment.  This can include the purchase of products, the consumption of services, or the disposal of goods.  Since we are all consumers in the marketplace in some form consumer behavior can also tell us something about ourselves.  Consumer behavior (or CB) is one of the most interesting yet abundant topics in Marketing.  Understanding consumers enables marketers to more effectively meet the needs of buyers in the market, and be more successful in their marketing planning and execution.

  • – Introduction to Consumer Behavior
  • – Exploring the consumer decision-making process
  • – Understanding consumer needs and motivations
  • – Perceptions and Attitude
  • – Learning & Memory
  • – Consumer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Dr. Rami Khodeir

The world is changing. So is the need for a professional program with a whole new approach to business at all its disciplines. In coordination with “Applied Innovation Management Consulting” (AIM – Consulting), and the “Marketer’s League” would like to present you with a whole new approach to studying, learning and applying the discipline of marketing. Both partners sensed the need of the market and the learners to go further with a dynamic field of marketing and take it to a higher sphere by offering the “Professional Marketing Practice Course” (PMPC).
With Dr. of marketing and brand management, professor at ESLSCA Business School, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

of Applied Innovation Management Consulting (AIM), Dr. Rami Khodeir as course instructor. You are guaranteed to have the best learning experience and first hand attention.

The program is designed to build on the foundation skills required for a professional marketer, furthermore, it stresses three main aspects that are considered crucial to any modern organization, such as brand creation, building, and communication, managing the marketing function as a whole in efficient practical methods, and the practice of marketn g as applied in an international environment.


This includes:

  • 5 Lectures / 24 Hour