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EnZinc batteries incorporate less volatile metals zinc and nickel in an unusual spongy architecture that addresses a problem with zinc in batteries. During charge recharge cycles, zinc is susceptible to dendrite deposits that result from zinc oxide formation. Deposits create hot spots and short out the batteries in barely 20 cycles.

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The simple command of a child when uttered became a binding directive, we were unable to do anything but comply. Always, we were ordered to disband and forced to scatter. We were powerless. The crowd cheered and waved when Oregon Air National Guard fighter planes roared overhead outbound from PDX a touching gesture that also had eerie overtones of threatened skies, back in 2001.Frank Altese, 52, of Portland listened with a newly made We Stand signboard on his back, two small American flags tucked in the brim of his bush hat.Sept. 11 each year still brings a of pain, Altese said. From the New Jersey suburbs, he watched the construction of the World Trade Center towers as a young boy; a brother is now in Afghanistan, he said.never seen people united so greatly as after 9/11, and that what this sign is all about, he said.

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