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Ioannina is the capital and biggest city of epirus, usin.Rich cultural heritage.

Egnatia odos and the ionian road join the city with the other regions of greece by street, while ioannina national airport "king pyrros" connects ioannina with atmosphere with destinations in greece and abroad.

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kale on the southwest

Founded in kastritsa cave testify human activity in the region since the palaeolithic ag.Decades back. Excavations in the castle revealed the existence of early settlements and fortifications.

Which was from the castle place.

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The richness of attractions contains castropolis, an encircled city with the famous castle of ioannina at AD, including the fetiche mosque along with the mosque of conquest built o.Byzantine temple, even with all the byzantine museum, the museum of artillery and the tomb of ali pasha, the aslan pasha temple on the northwest acropolis of this castle using the aslan mosque, the municipal folk & ethnographic museum and the photius rapakosis museum, along with it’s kale on the southwest acropolis of this castle.

View into the historic center of ioannina stoa loulis, old hani and following big shopping center, hussein matei house, veli pasha ottoman mosque, and also the open-air theatre "kostas frodzos" on the mountain of agia triada, als.Copy of the lesser stage of its theatre ancient dodoni.

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Ioannina’s organic monument-trademark is lake pamvotis, into the east of the city, with huge plane trees on the banks of this island and also the renowned island of ioannina, in which there i.Small settlement and various sights. The entire lakeside area is an ideal stroll through the lush picture.

Automobile lease with imperial car rental will allow you to see different attractions from the center, such as the church of agios nikolaos of kopanos, beside the conventional lagoons of the lake, where kyra-frosini was jailed along with the age o. Million years old perama cave, among the finest in europe, with chambers of incredible beauty and naturally sculptured dream. From the region around the cave you admire the view of the lake, although the rail of perama that connects ioannina with all the picturesque settlement i.Nostalgic option.

North of ioannina you will find unbelievably beautiful locations, the stone built zagori along with the magical zagorohoria, the river aoos and picturesque konitsa.

Together with the car in imperial car rental, you also should see the cradle of culture and the cult center of gaia throughout the bronze age and after zeus and dionis compare cheap car rental, ancient dodonialong using the fascinating archaeological website, at the south of ioannina. Ancient theater and the renowned oracle, alongside amazing monuments, ancient buildings and significant museums, in addition to the neighboring villages with traditional architecture.

It is well worth exploring even the most beautiful cities of epirus, such as igoumenitsa, sivota, parga, preveza and arta, and also admire the picturesque center in the city of arta using its many sights and the famous its own bridge.

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Your visit epirus and ioannina together with all the comfort of traveling offered by the vehicle rental agency imperial car rental will satisfy you with images of rare beauty and wonderful memories.