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How to Find and Use Free Website Icons

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: to build a beautiful website, you don’t have to be a skilled coder or an expert graphic designer. cheap canada goose There are many tools and resources canada goose outlet in usa available online to help you create a site that canada goose outlet jackets will leave your friends, family, and customers thinking you hired a pro.

And here’s one more resource that will help your website go from good to great: icons. Icons can add tremendous value to your canada goose uk black friday overall design. So in this post, I’ll go over how to find and easily add icons to your website.

One word: communication. Icons help to communicate the cheap Canada Goose main messages of your site by drawing a visitor’s eye to the most important content. They are like street signs guiding visitors to where they need to go.

A simple icon of a telephone can make it faster and easier for a customer to find canada goose outlet uk sale the number to call your business. An icon of a map can help someone quickly find where your shop is located. And an icon of a shopping cart will get customers to checkout and make a purchase even faster.

Icons are also beneficial to your website because:

They are easy to recognize. If a canada goose outlet store new visitor comes to your site, icons will allow them to quickly scan and absorb the content.

They look awesome! It’s no secret that visuals improve the overall design of your website. Icons make your pages more visually appealing and help with readability the same way line breaks do.

They’re universally understood. It’s easy to create a multilingual website, but icons are also a great way to communicate canada goose canadian goose jacket factory outlet the main messages of your site by using images that are understood regardless of language.

How do you choose canada goose outlet shop the right website icons?

First of all, don’t try and be too creative when you select icons for your site. If you’re looking for an icon to represent “search,” use the magnify glass icon. If canada goose uk shop you’re looking for an icon to direct people back to your homepage, use an icon of a house. Stick with the tried and true icons that are in common usage, rather Canada Goose Coats On Sale than creating your own.

Not canada goose outlet reviews every piece of content on your site will have an obvious icon to match. Choose an image that is the closest to the meaning of the content it is representing. cheap canada goose It’s also a good practice to accompany canada goose outlet canada an icon with text if there could be any ambiguity. The most important thing to remember about icons is that they are meant to complement your content, not buy canada goose jacket replace it.

Another thing to consider when choosing an icon is relevancy.

If you’re unsure if your icon is an accurate representation of your content, run a usability test. This will tell you if people are understanding your signposts correctly.

This Jimdo site successfully uses icons to complement text. It also makes a section of the site that would typically be very text heavy more visually Canada Goose Outlet appealing.

There are four key factors to remember when using icons:

Size: You’ll have to play Goldilocks while configuring the size of your icons. Make sure that the icons are not so small that they are hard to see, but not so large that they overpower everything else.

Placement: Using columns is an organized and powerful way to arrange icons with text. Depending on the layout of your site, you’ll find icons might look best to the left of text, on top of text, or below text. Whichever you decide, put all your icons in the same location in relation to the text.

Place all your icons in the same position in relation to the text. In the example above, inconsistent placement makes it tougher to read.

Color: Try to stick to one color to keep a strong and bold look. A good place to start canada goose outlet parka is to use a color that’s in your logo or other branding. Also, keep in mind that color can be a very powerful tool and canada goose outlet nyc canada goose clearance sale enhance a call to action. Follow this guide discussing the psychology of color to choose the best color for your icons.

Consistency: Choose icons that all have a similar look and feel. Take a look at how mixing the style of icons can interfere with the nice design effect.

It best to use icons that are a consistent style and color.

Where to find free website icons

There are tons of icon libraries out there, many of which allow you to use well designed icons for free or with attribution. I’ve listed a few favorites below.

Note: Many of these sites canada goose outlet uk allow you to download the icon in many different file versions. For best results and to maintain fast load times for your website, we recommend PNG. has close to 3,000 website icons to choose from.