Senior Management and Human Resources Executive


Senior Management and Human Resources Executive

Khaled Habib is a senior management and Human resources executive as well as a well-rounded academic, enjoying a rich profile of regional and global expertise, with a proven track record in organization design, development, change and performance management, as well as restructuring, talent management and executive leadership coaching. Such experiences have been acquired in consulting capacity as well as long years of senior management and leadership positions in multinational firms in different business sectors and industries. His rich profile and portfolio of achievements has given him the privilege to be nominated by the Egyptian presidency to design and be a core member of the steering committee for the Presidential Leadership Program {PLP}, an ambitious program aimed at identifying, developing and qualifying Egyptian youth to take senior and critical positions in the government and public sector {starting March 2015 on voluntary basis}. He is also a popular motivational speaker with high credibility and ability to influence especially among youth.

Khaled graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, and received his MBA certificate with highest honors from the Arab Academy in Egypt (2001). He has been honored by acquiring his doctorate degree in management from Edinburgh Business School, with a new grounded theory on managing conflict in matrix organizations in growth markets in 2015.

He is also one of few certified management consultants in the Middle East through the institute of business consulting in the UK. He began his career assuming a variety of sales and marketing roles in local Egyptian firms reaching the level of marketing director. In 1995, he started his consulting career, working through the European Union as well as a variety of local and global bodies; over 5 years he fully managed over 50 restructuring projects for local and regional businesses in diversified fields. In 2001 he joined Vodafone Telecommunication heading the performance management, learning and development function, where he developed comprehensive competencies frameworks and assessment models as well as leading the global steering performance management team. In 2003, he moved to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a senior HR regional manager, where he fully managed the HR teams and operations across the Middle East. After a brief spell with Barclays bank where he managed a major restructuring project, he returned to Pfizer in 2009 to take the HR top leadership position for Africa and the Middle East region {based in Dubai}, as well as leading the global Pfizer project for establishing the new Pfizer generics business. He then moved to General Electric to lead their Middle East HR division for Healthcare business, before deciding to come back to Egypt to be part of the restructuring initiatives. He then assumed the role of the Cluster Human Resources Director for ABB, the global leader in Power systems and automation, for Egypt, North and Central Africa, where he orchestrated a comprehensive transformation project that led to establishing a highly competent and world class HR function that effectively acted as a business enabler for growth across the region.

Starting March 2015, he started a new challenge as the Chief Human Resources and External Affairs Officer for Universal Group, the Egyptian home appliances giant, with the ambitious vision of transforming the business to become a regional leader and a global player in the coming few years. During the first 6 months of his employment, Khaled has led and a phenomenal transformation and turn-around project, where he masterminded and implemented a major talent attraction and redeployment plan, that led to jumping with the monthly production to 6 times the average production and also more than increasing the sales revenues {6 times}, in less than 6 months, with further growth anticipated in the coming months. In addition to his HR expertise, he has spent the first half of his career in marketing and sales roles, a fact which adds to his well-rounded business expertise, and which has led organizations to utilize his skills in areas of commercial operations and communication on interim basis.

Academic Expertise

Khaled is one of the highly rated professors of management and marketing lecturing for MBA Students. Over the past 14 years he has lectured MBA students from all backgrounds, starting with the Arab Academy and then ESLSCA. Subjects designed and delivered included integrated marketing communication, consumer behavior, marketing management, change management, international marketing, strategic management and Human resources management. He has also supervised various graduation projects for students in the same areas. Furthermore, as a certified management trainer for the American Management Association in the Middle East, Khaled has designed and conducted over 30 programs and 800 training days for thousands of participants from different industries and countries across the region. His teaching and lecturing style features a variety of progressive participative approaches with special focus on conceptual knowledge acquisition, applied through experiential and learning agility enhancement.

Media Expertise

Khaled enjoys a rich track record of highly popular radio and TV shows in the area of awareness and development. His humorous shows have gained nation-wide popularity, whether on the FM English service, Satellite TV channels, or most recently the popular Radio Masr channel. His most recent live show من اهل مصر, was one of the most popular among listeners from all age groups, mainly the youth population {millions of listeners for the show}. Starting September 2016, he started a new popular daily breakfast show { تفاءل} already receiving the highest listener ratings, presenting a rich bundle of positive and creative ideas as well as motivational messages to various segments representing the full spectrum of society segments. He has previously won the prestigious Grand Prix Silver medal award, representing the Egyptian Radio with one of his sarcastic shows {FIFA Forever}. He is a motivational speaker and provides numerous sessions with university students from all disciplines and corporate staff, focusing on awareness, personal development and enhancing competencies and capabilities.

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