Dr. Nibal Dahaba

Dr. Nibal Dahaba


“Nibal Dahaba is the General Manager Sanofi Pasteur Egypt, Sudan & Eretria (January 2018 -Current).
She takes the position of Corporate & Public Affairs Director Middle East, Africa & Pakistan Abbvie Pharmaceuticals (2014 – 2018) and she was the Executive board consultant for R&D Zewail City (extra-curricular) June 2017. She also writes monthly articles in BEYOND magazine (political and medical articles.) and a Member in National Human Rights Council, as well as a Member in National Youth Council.

She is the winner of an emerging market award for protection of the diabetes regimen from generic infringement and withdrawal of the Egyptian product from the market for the first time in Egypt’s history while she was in position of Policy, Communications & External affairs director in MSD (2011-2014).

During 2006-2010, General policies secretariat commercial lead & matrix director in NDP (National Democratic Party) Egypt.

In 2005, she is the CEO & founder of US Embassy exchange Alumni NGO; she attended the international visitors’ program April 2005 in the United States hosted by the American embassy in Cairo under the topic of Women’s Leadership. It’s a highly selective program where only one Egyptian is being selected annually for that topic.

She is awarded for vaccines breakthrough access in Egypt (MOH initiative) 2013. And In 2012, award winner for Merck Marketing best campaign (Hepatitis C initiative)

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Dr. Nibal Dahaba