Dr. Raafat Youssef Shehata

Dr. Raafat Youssef Shehata

Professional summary


Professional summary

Professor of Management at several international British and American universities and institutions with comprehensive knowledge of modern management techniques and its applications into business practices, coupled with in depth expertise in the following areas:

* Marketing Planning & Strategies
* Leadership
* Emotional Intelligence
* Sales & Field Force Management
* Recruitment & Selection
* Time & Stress Management
* Performance Management
* Transformation & Change Management
* Organizational Development * Human Resources Management
* Personality Tests * Business Negotiations
* Conflict Management
* Organizational Re-engineerin

Dr. Raafat is a management and marketing consultant and a trainer who has been presenting customized interactive workshops since 1997 to audiences in different sectors. In the area of consultancy, Raafat has served as a psychologist, personality profiler and management consultant for major players in the Building & Construction, Banking,Pharmaceutical,Food Production & Service, Agriculture and other sectors where he was managing different processes and targeting a diversified customer-base.

He is a physician ” Psychologist “Being expert in the field of human behaviors and people change.

Raafat also acted as the regional Consultant & Advisor for a variety of companies in different sectors like:

• Telecommunication (Egypt telecom-Raya- TE DATA)
• FMCG(Coca-Cola)
• Pharmaceuticals (MSD)
• Petroleum (GUPCO- ENPPI)
• Others
In addition he works as a part time trainer teaching management and marketing in AUC ,Arab academy of science and technology ,American Chamber of Commerce and Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) Through a diversity of exposures to private and multinational corporations in Middle East,Europe and Egypt; Raafat’s extensive Management experience stems from both industry hands-on and academia.

Dr Raafat has 17 years experience in the field of management and marketing.

He published 2 books one in Marketing “Marketing Fundamentals” and one in Mangement “Essentials of Management”

He has a long experience in the field of digital marketing including websites, SEO and content marketing

Dr. Raafat has worked as a training director for many multinational companies being responsible for conducting Training Needs Analysis(TNA), developing training programs and follow up to ensure complete application of the programs.Besides this he also, was responsible for conducting one to one coaching sessions with managers to identify personal and professional gaps on individual basis.

His expertise has also been exercised in customized personal training sessions for employees, managers, and leaders. His energetic, humorous, and interactive presentation style provides his workshops with variety and pace, which make the atmosphere conducive to retentive learning.

He uses new interactive and creative methodologies in training to increase training recall.

Raafat has coached over 150 executives and more than 500 individual. Raafat’s style together with his effective interpersonal skills and his experience in Psychology enable participants to understand themselves whilst learning to unhide the areas of developments, thereby maximizing benefits for both employer and employee.

He has developed a style which brings together his experience of management and interpersonal skills with the latest in training techniques Raafat becomes a freelance training consultant and now works in a range of industries as a management and interpersonal skills trainer and consultant.

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