Dr.Sherine Helmy

Dr.Sherine Helmy


Dr. Sherine Abbas Helmy has 37 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout the years, he was appointed as CEO of Pharco Corporation, CEO of Pharco Pharmaceutical International-KSA, board member of Batterjee Pharmaceuticals, KSA; Pharco Impex, Romania; consultant of SEEG Pharm, Switzerland; and Presidio Pharmaceuticals, USA that discovered a new HCV drug. He is also the CEO of Tharawat for resources and mining, a Board member of Royal resources for oil and Gas. He is the Technical CEO of Circle-Africa, CEO of Sarapharma of Import & export, Board Member of Sai for Medical Devices, Board Member of BioGeneric Pharma S.A.E (BCP), Board Member of WECAN Pharmaceuticals.
Dr.Sherine was graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University. He then obtained an MBA from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST) and Central Michigan University in 1999. In 2012, he received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from AAST, which was an additional step towards excelling in the business world.

Dr.Sherine Helmy is considered one of the important Businessmen contributing to the activities and organizations that are affecting the development of the education, pharmaceutical industry as well as the economic growth of Egypt.

He is a Board Member of several organizations as, Alexandria University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Azhar University, Advisory Council for Zewail City of Science and Technology, Drug Research Council (Academy of Scientific Research and Technology), Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF), and the Egyptian Exporters Association (Expolink).
He is also a Founding Member of North Coast University (NCU). He is a Member of the board of trustees of the Egyptian Japanese University for Science & Technology (EJUST), the Egyptian E-Learning University, and El Morsy Abu El Abbas Mosque in Alexandria.

He is a Member of the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) of the American University in Cairo School of Business.
He is a Member of the Egyptian Lebanese, Egyptian Saudi, and the Egyptian Senegalese Business Councils. He is a Member of the Committee of the Pharmaceutical Education Sector at the Supreme Council of Universities. He is also a member in the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AMCHAM), the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK-MENA), the Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA) and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Egypt (CCIFE).

He previously contributed to the community in the following posts in different arenas including Head of the Board of Trustees of New Borg El- Arab City and Head of the Export Council of Medical Industries.
He was a Board Member of Beltone Financial, Board Member of the Industry Modernization Council (IMC), the Foreign Trade Training Council (FTTC), The Industrial Training Council (ITC), The Arab Management Association, AOTS (Association for Board Overseas Technical Scholarships) Alumni Society-Egypt, and New Borg El Arab City Youth Center.

Dr.Helmy started the Pharmaceutical Chemical Industry in Egypt and developed the new drug for Virus C at a cost of 0.1% of the international price with a cure rate of 98%.

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Dr.Sherine Helmy