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She followed her around calling her names and accused her of sleeping with people to get money to pay the rent. I heard this over the phone.I went to pick up my ex to run her to the store and the landlord came out and told me I not to come into her home, I said I never have and she said “well don when we got back she had boxed up the dishes and all her belongings in the living room and put them in her own bedroom and made a comment that she may leave to visit family and if she does she will turn off the electricity.I told my ex to contact the court or sheriff office and tell them what is going on but is that the right thing to do? At what point does/did this become harassment?First https://www.wholesalejerseyslan.com, read the lease. Does it specify what she has access to? Even if it doesn I expect a court would assume she entitled to access to the kitchen/amenities/electric if she lives there.

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Instead she’s off and running to the next confrontation that of being sexually attracted to her best friend. With the convenience of shallow melodrama, Claire also happens to like women. The two indulge their relationship, then move on to the next crisis.

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