The Marketers League is the first organization in the Middle East gathering the marketers as a solid start for an integral constructive League mainly aiming to create a mutually beneficial social and business network, paving the way for business cooperation, networking, employment and creating a solid package of inclusive benefits for the members of the league.

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CEOs, Decision Makers, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, and businessmen from all fields in the Egyptian and the global market.

Business schools and Marketing students from the most esteemed universities in Egypt.

Highest calibers in the marketing and advertising field.

Representatives of the state & top governmental authorities.

The most active NGOs serving the Egyptian society.

Exchange experience and knowledge with other veteran marketers.

Showcase their personal accomplishments & achievements.

Acquire updated knowledge through attending seminars and participating in workshops.

Gain new ideas from the latest trends in the advertising solutions field.

Build fresh long lasting relations with the field leaders, influencers and Entrepreneurs.