The most influential brands will deliver a real life and practical presentations .

The Marketers League will:

Gather the largest number of marketers to share experiences, attend seminars and participate in workshops as well as guiding and mentoring junior marketing students by providing the needed resources to jump start their marketing career.

Provide in-depth and updated analysis on the latest marketing trends and case studies around the world along with their application methods through the most well known advertising companies.

Gather the calibers working in the executive services sector, allowing them to exhibit their products especially the giveaways.

San & Sam Group is a bucket of marketing services combined and gathered in one place. The company was established in 2010 aiming to provide our clients with an outstanding service to meet their needs and constantly exceed their expectations.

Whatever the service you are looking for in our field of expertise, our team is proud to serve you with high quality and ambition driven work to achieve your targets.

Our goal is to be one of the important keys to your success and to build solid and successful ongoing business relationship.


- Exposure of Personal accomplishments & achievements

- Acquiring Updated Knowledge through attending seminars and participating in workshops.

- Gaining new ideas from the latest trends in the advertising solutions field.

- Building new long lasting relations with the field leaders, influencers and suppliers.

- CEOs, Decision Makers, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Advertising Managers from different fields all over Egypt.

- Marketing students from all universities such as AUC, GUC, BUE, MIU, CIC, etc....

- Calibers in the advertising services field.

- Representatives of the state & businessmen.

- The most well-known civil society organizations.

Why sponsor the Marketers League 2016 ?

- Honoring ceremony in the event's opening day.

- Become a founder of the Marketers League Club.

- Powerful exposure of your company through your selected speaker among the field’s top leaders and young students who will become the future decision makers.

- Local & Global Media Coverage.

- Major brand awareness.

- Your company's contributions in the field will be in a post event documentary booklet.

- Availability of promotional selling opportunities through your provided booth.

- Exclusive corporate branding among competitors.

- Participate in creating or evaluating the best marketing campaign, project or product.

- Show off your previous CSR initiatives through a video presentation.

- Focus on your previous CSR initiatives through a video presentation and the willingness to invest in future CSR campaigns.

- For more Information send us an email at


Philip Kotler

Dr. Philip Kotler is the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at the Northwestern University Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago.

Philip Kotler is hailed by Management Centre Europe as "the world's foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing."

Professor Kotler will deliver a session presented via hologram technology


Brand Speakers

The most influential brands will deliver a real life and practical presentations.
• We’re working on finishing up our agenda which will include speakers from the most reputable corporates, so stay tuned for the agenda details.



"Successful people have a social responsibility to make the world a better place and not just take from it" CARRIE UNDERWOOD

CSR Day Program

  • CSR initiatives are becoming an essential part and parcel within forward-thinking corporates that employ the different CSR strategies and approaches to create shared value for both business and society.

  • Most consumers appreciate companies doing charity or are environment aware; they’re loyal to those companies and even become their brand ambassadors.

  • CSR common approaches whether philanthropy, environmental, or through community involvement need to be aligned with other company’s goals in order to make a positive impact.

  • The Marketers League will establish a connection between charity organizations and environmental sustainability leaders along with corporate decision makers to present their programs, exchange previous achievements and new ideas.

  • about

    World Records Cooperation

    - The Marketers League aims at connecting professionals in every possible way, that's why For the first time ever in the middle east, We will break the record of a business speed-networking event - single venue

    - This record is for the greatest number of participants at a business speed networking event at a single venue.

    - For the purposes of this record, a business speed networking event is defined as an event where participants are paired with another business professional for a short, set amount of time. When the set amount of time is up, the participant is paired with a second professional for the same amount of time.

    Giveaways Expo

    We've decided to focus on "Giveaways" as marketing strategy for this year's
    exhibition especially in this quarter, due to its valuable influence on any marketing campaign or event.

    Giveaways significance and contribution to brand recognition play a great role in increasing revenues, Marketers concern themselves with promotional products for brand awareness enhancement among clients in the first place but they face a lot of difficulties coming up with new "out of the box" ideas and even after structuring them they spend huge time with the production sector to implement and execute those ideas with the desired quality

    "Giveaways Expo" will feature the latest trends and creative ideas for the production and executive sector, particularly the giveaways field whether it's imported, produced or printed.

    Membership Benefits

    There are various reasons to join The Marketers League community. When you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic changes that are converting our world, by helping to shape the future of marketing. The Marketers League provides the tools and resources to advance your career and enrich your knowledge.

    The Marketers League Professional and Student members enjoy these online benefits through our website:

    Networking Opportunities:

    • Incorporate and network with marketers from different backgrounds.
    • Connect with and develop new business resources.
    • Enhance your knowledge and keep it Updated.
    • Get involved in the work that matters to your profession.
    • Gain expert support to help you with your practice and your career.
    • We’re currently working on providing governmental support that will connect you directly with government representatives.

    Career Resources & Professional Development:

    Whether you are a job seeker or hiring manager, get guidance & instructions on finding the best job opportunities to suit your needs. The Marketers League gives you access to hundreds of marketing job posting, career tips and strategies, interview and resume guidelines, and much more.

    Exclusive Access to Innovative Resources and Tools:

    You’ll get unlimited access to our vast members-only resources, tools and content such as white papers, best practices, and research reports written by the most respected names in the field.

    Resources include:

    Competitions Access: the priority to participate in marketing and advertising competitions held by the largest organizations and entities, such as; the chance to vote on the best marketing campaign of the year.

    Member-Only Content: explore the latest articles and research reports, including white papers and best practices.

    E-Newsletters: featuring in-depth, members-only content on the latest developments in marketing.

    Special Discounts: enjoy special discounts and preferred member pricing along with the priority in reservation of the next round of the marketers league 2017.

    Students Benefits:

    Being a member of the marketers league in college offers many benefits, from career resources, platforms for professional development, to taking part in the many competitions offered annually.
    Meet mentors, find internships, and network with professional marketers in every industry.


    Event Price list

    - You will be a member of the marketers league club, with the privilege to be the first to get the news regarding any new updates, product launch, research, voting, statistics and survyes.

    - Seating places will be according to the ticket reservation date, whether it's VIP, premium, or standard seating will be according to the date of reservation within each category .

    Early bird promotion has been extended till 27/10, or till the discounted tickets of this criteria are sold out.

    You can get your membership through :

    1- Bank Account Deposit:

    a. You will submit your payment through the bank with the below details:

    i. Bank name: African Arab International Bank - AAIB
    ii. Account name: San And Sam
    iii. Account no: 529699
    b. SCAN the bank receipt & UPLOAD it on our website after you complete the registration.
    c. You will receive your code via e-mail within 24 hours.

    2- Visa or master card:

    a. Register and choose your membership type.
    b. Select the payment type.
    c. Add your visa details.
    d. You will receive the membership code via e-mail within 24 hours.

    3 – Personally, through San & Sam headquarters located at:

    44 Abd El Moneim Riad,AL Batal Ahmed Abd Al Aziz, AL Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.


    3,500 EGP
    Access to sessions and workshops
    VIP Seats
    Post Conference Documentary Booklet
    Access to conference material and handouts
    Attendance certificate of the conference including prof. kotler's session
    Special Giveaways Free Gift
    Access to Guinness World Records Competition
    Finger Food and Beverages

    Premium Membership

    Access to sessions and workshops
    Premium seats
    Access to conference material and handouts
    Attendance certificate of the conference including prof. kotler's session
    Access to Guinness World Records Competition

    Standard Membership

    Access to sessions and workshops
    Standard seats
    Attendance certificate of the conference including prof. kotler's session

    Group Discount

    - Take advantage of group discount pass when you register three or more attendees for The Marketers League 2016

    VIP Group

    Group of 3 Members
    Group of 6 Members
    Group of 9 Members

    Premium Group

    Group of 3 Members
    Group of 6 Members
    Group of 9 Members

    Standard Group

    Group of 3 Members
    Group of 6 Members
    Group of 9 Members

    Event Location

    Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

    Add: First Settlement, Eastern Ring Road, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11477

    About the organizing company

    San & Sam Group

    1. Marketing & Advertising
    2. Event Management
    3. Printing & Production.

    * San and Sam Marketing & Advertising company concerns itself with the latest marketing trends and strategies
    * San & Sam Events Management is the perfect choice for organizing your congress, conference, party, trade fair and special events. We believe events are so much more than fun #parties or serious conferences. Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark innovation.

    *san & Sam printing and Production is the backbone of our organization. It's where all the creative ideas and designs are transformed into their physical form.

    We have the equipment, the facilities, and the know-how team to get things done in a timely manner.

    since our clients' satisfaction is our no. 1 priority, we added an integrated unit for digital printing "outdoor, banners and signs". We create strategic solutions that lead to success in a competitive environment. Our team believes in the spirit and practice of partnership: thus for every client and every project, we bring to bear the accumulated expertise and experience of our group.

    Visit Our Website:

    Contact Us

    For inquiries and reservation Call: +2 011 22 67 5555 / +2 011 22 67 3333

    Interested in being sponsor or exhibitor Call : +2 0 1122 54 6666

    Add: 44 Abd El Moneim Riad,AL Batal Ahmed Abd Al Aziz, AL Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.

    Tel.: +2 (02) 33 44 89 39

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