The league is the cornerstone for a syndicate for marketers

The Marketers League is the first organization in the Middle East gathering the marketers as a solid start for an integral constructive League mainly aiming to create a mutually beneficial social and business network,

Who are we ?

What’s the Marketers League? – The Marketers League is the first of its kind conference to take place in the Middle East. It’s proudly acknowledged by the “Father of Modern Marketing”, Philip Kotler himself, who was there to speak, and witness the first edition of the Marketers League Conference. Ever since it was founded in 2015, the Marketers League fundamental purpose is to create a meeting point to gather marketers from every corner of the world so they can put on the table what marketing is newly up to from there each one’s unique perspectives With a room full of marketing gurus, nothing comes in handy but high-profile networking, knowledge and experience sharing, and an unmatchable opportunity to have an insight and learn about the latest marketing concepts and trends.  

Our Mission

Offer a platform for marketing professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs, possessing expertise in distinctive marketing aspects, to share their experience and give a hand to younger marketers to figure out how to stand out and make a difference.

Our Vision

To be a global top spot for marketers to connect, share a stage, to discuss marketing changes with the latest topics and real-life cases in order to share experience and knowledge and visualize the future of marketing.

About Us

We have returned , energize your power and join us in the biggest marketing conference in the middle east.
In our 6th round, we're going to provide our audience with 2 ways to attend the conference,
Online event: in which the audience can participate throughout his device and interact with the conference and the booths too.
Offline event: in which the audience can participate through attending the physical conference in 30th of January 2021 in TRIUMPH LUXURY HOTEL CAIRO

Enhancing the audience with the new updates and knowledge in marketing, and providing them with a solid ground for social and business networking.